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auto trading binary platform is one of the few websites, where you get all the necessary information, tools and guidance about auto binary options.

Traditional trading and automatic trading are two completely different things. In an automatic binary options trading, you cannot be sure whether you are using the correct strategy for your trading even if you have practiced through your demo account, because the binary options market is a highly volatile market and at times, traders also come across unusual trends that are hard to predict. Therefore, you need to have some sort of guidance or daily updates about the market, so that you can reasonably take your trading decisions. This is where AutoTradingBinary helps binary options traders the most.

When you join this platform, the first thing you get is a pool of very useful information and tips. This website also gives you the access to the reliable brokers, the education center to learn all about binary options trading, one on one training with the binary options expert traders, performance reviews, etc.

Following are some of the features provided by

What is Managed Account?

One of the exceptional features of using the ATB platform is to sign up for the managed account of the brokerage firm (Citrades) available on the website. The managed account is a part of a special program offered by Citrades and in this program, traders get to enjoy a lot benefits, such as, a dedicated VIP platform, weekly result report, personal broker and a support analyst team, free iPhone/MacBook/iMac/iPad, special VIP benefits, personalized assistance from a personal broker, access to a large pool of information, and other necessary trading tools.

After signing up for this program, you are asked to choose from three sets of risk/return profiles that are relevant to your financial needs. Once you choose the profile, you can trade by getting full assistance from your personal broker whenever you trade. However, remember that the risk level varies between 10% to 90% and your account will be aggressively traded if you choose a high risk profile.

Number of Trades in a Month and the Minimum Deposit Requirement

On average, traders usually place around 1000 trades in a month by using ATB platform, and these trades are placed on the basis of the risk profiles of the individuals.

You can start trading with the minimum deposit of 200 dollars. However, if you are a planning to sign up for the managed account, the minimum deposit will be 3000 USD, which is quite reasonable amount given the number of benefits a trader will receive after signing up for the program.

Benefits of the Affiliate Program and Services by the Trading Experts

ATB offers an opportunity to earn extra money by signing up for the Affiliate program. This allows traders to earn commission by referring clients on the website. They can earn a fixed percentage of 5 percent if they refer a minimum of 5 clients in one month. The commission is paid via bank wire, Moneybookers, etc. is much more than a learning platform. As already discussed, you get to enjoy the services of the expert traders when you sign up for the managed account. They resolve all your queries and guide you in devising your trading strategies.

Therefore, if you wish to join ATB, you can do that in 3 simple steps and can begin trading successfully.

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