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Citrades Scam – Does it Exist?

Citrades Scam – Does it Exist?

Binary option has become increasingly popular because of high probability of earning quick profits. However, with the growing popularity, investors have become more skeptical about the reliability of brokers, because a number of brokerage firms are involved in fraudulent activities. It has not only shattered the confidence of traders, but has also made them repulsive due to risk of losing all of their funds. A few years ago in 2011, when CiTrades was formed, its primary purpose was to provide all in one solution to its clients. But due to the repulsive behavior that is commonly observed in the market, CiTrades has always been under serious scrutiny of investors.
The first thing every trader looks for in the binary options market is a regulated broker, because it gives them a sense of security. Investors and users believe that CiTrades is nothing but a scam, because it is not registered under any regulatory authority. But it has been a common practice that every broker was once unregulated, before they finally got registered. Therefore, a trader or investor should rather see how a certain platform is performing and how satisfied its users are.
Since it is not a regulated broker, most of the users are also concerned about the privacy of their accounts, because their personal as well as financial information is critical for them and for other users, and it can be misused by the hackers and other users. Most of the users believe that CiTrades is just a scam, but if you visit their website and sign up for their services, you would realize that CiTrades takes reasonable measures to preserve the confidentiality of their clients. They keep the data private even after the client closes his account. CiTrades has employed certain tools and applications to ensure the safety and security of their clients’ data and account information.
The trading results are regularly updated on the website, and many of the investors and traders are of the opinion that the final results are manipulated before they are posted on the website. Being a binary options trader or investors, you must be aware of the fact that these results are very crucial for decision making, and if they are not correctly updated, it can affect the overall performance of a client, and cause huge losses. But this is not the case, because in the testimonial section of the website, you can read the reviews of different clients where they have given good remarks about how satisfied they are with their account performance.
One of the major concerns many users have is the withdrawal policy. Many of the users believe that their funds are stuck; as a result, they conclude CiTrades as a scam. But this is not true, because CiTrades follows different policies for different programs. For example, clients cannot withdraw for up to three months, if they choose AutoTrade Program. Moreover, no withdrawal is allowed for six months, if they choose Hybrid auto trading program, and clients are not allowed to withdraw for up to one year if they sign up for managed accounts. So, the delay is caused by the policy, but it doesn’t mean that clients would not be able to retrieve their funds.
CiTrades provides different tools and techniques to its users to enhance their trading experience. Over a period of time, CiTrades managed to build a strong clientele. The customer support service is also appreciated by the clients. However, sometimes clients complain about late responses from the support staff, but that is due to a large number of queries they have to respond, which delays the whole process. We can conclude CiTrades is not a scam. It has built a good reputation in the market on the basis of reliable and reasonable services offered to traders in the binary options market.

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