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Is AnyOption A Scam is an online trading company that was launched in 2008. It claims to be the pioneer of Binary Options and trusted transactions for trading. There are some people who have a bad experience with the company and they have given reviews on the World Wide Web against this company. This has led many people in the market to believe in AnyOption to be a scam. The question is, “Is AnyOption really a scam?”

There are some disgruntled employees of the company and the customers who have lost their money at its platform. Their side of story is quite horrible and poses AnyOption to be a scam or fraud, and it is better for people to remain aloof from it.  The points that they arise against Anyoption include the following:

  1. They have lost money through it due to the reason that the figures provided at the site were not real-time.
  2. The clock displayed at the website does not synchronize with the other clocks of the world. So, it becomes pretty difficult for traders to understand the real situation, and they continuously lose money.
  3. The analysts at the website provide the wrong analysis and information, so, they lost their money.
  4. They can not withdraw their profits before a period of three months.
  5. The company gets commission whether you win or lose.
  6. The apps running on its website can not be understood easily. When a person starts understanding the process of the company and its apps, he has already lost a lot of money.

The above mentioned explanations have been given by the people who have lost their money at the platform of But in reality this is not the full story. There is also the other side of the story which tells things that are contrary to the above stories. The people who have gained profits from the company say:

  1. You have to understand the procedure of the company minutely. The commissions, packages, and other trading options must be read thoroughly or watched through videos before trading in the real-time.
  2. AnyOption has adopted certain software and apps that are operate able on iOs and Androids, so it has become pretty easier for people to enjoy the work provided by this company.
  3. The company’s withdrawal system is as easier as its trading system. It takes maximum two minutes to withdraw money from your account. The company allows you to wait for three days before your withdrawal application is approved by the company and the profit amount reaches your bank account.
  4. AnyOption is a trading company, so, it reserves the right of gaining commission.  Without commissions it will be unable to run its operational expenses.
  5. The company clock is synchronized with other related clocks of the world.

Thus, the answer to the above question is a big “NO” and, to my view, AnyOption is not a scam at all. It is genuine company and it is only the competitors who are spreading this kind of rumors in the market as they are afraid of the company’s growing client-base.

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