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Technical Analysis: Best Indicators

It’s been quite some time, talking about the technical knowledge and the technical analysis when it comes to trading in the binary options market or trading the currency market specifically, but what does technical analysis mean or what does this comprise of and why is it so important to have an understanding on the same.

The traders who take the assistance of these analyses are named as technicians. These technicians take the help of various charts and graphs to understand the current trend going in the trade market.

The traders rely a lot on the data and the trends they get to capture with the help of these charts and graphs which are made available by various websites that deal only in the research and analysis of the market trend and stocks. These sites also provide several indicators too which further help these technicians to evaluate their stocks better and trade accordingly.

Some of these indicators are MACD, ADX, Bollinger Bands, Elliott Wave and MACD-Histogram. Let’s have some understanding on these indicators one by one which will provide you with an insight of their functionality and importance and hence will work as a base to understand these terminologies in a better way to move further.


The most commonly heard indicator is MACD. The full form of MACD is moving average convergence divergence. This indicator is used as the indicator to follow the momentum trend. It works as an important tool for the trader to understand the trend of the market. A MACD graph consists of particularly two lines that always go with each other and they are termed as signal line and the MACD line. It is also essential for the traders to understand that the graph having the MACD plotting on it will have one level as a zero level where if the MACD falls below the point of zero line, it demonstrators that the momentum is taking a turn.

Moving Averages

Moving Averages are used by the technicians as another tool to do the analysis of the market and understand it well.. These Moving averages help the trader know and understand what is the actual state of the momentum actually is. These moving averages also let the trader know in advance about all the current trends of the market along with the support and resistance signals too.

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